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    10 Ways Having A Baby Will Impact Your Marriage

    The birth of a baby may bring some relationships with friends and family closer than you expect, and others such as, your marriage may become more distant and challenging.

    Below is 10 ways having a baby will impact your marriage.

    Couple time is now family time: You will always spend time together, but no longer alone. You will now spend every minute with your baby. There is no more alone time.

    Finance: Your finance won’t be great as it used to be. You will have a baby to take care of now. The baby often requires more money than you do and your partner combined.

    It may cause health complications: For some mothers, conceiving a baby is a total health risk. This will impact the marriage because of how sick the mother can get.

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    Travelling: Travelling may become harder for you as a couple. No one wants to travel with a baby. Also, all the dreams you had as a married couple will be out of the window or on pause.

    Arguments: There will be more arguments in the marriage after having a baby because of your hormones being all over the place. This will impact the marriage because both of you will become distant from arguing a lot.

    Less time for your hobbies: If you and your partner having a hobby. It is now out of the question. The baby will now come first and you will often have to forget about the hobby.

    Contribution: While mothers mature easily, men do not adapt quickly and may then not get involved, they would therefore be leaving the responsibility to the mother. This will impact the marriage because the mother would be doing everything.

    There is no going back: There is no going back, one your pregnant everything changes for you and your partner. It will impact the marriage if one regrets it.

    Cheating: Babies will impact your marriage a lot. Partners will often go out and cheat on their wives because of lack of intimacy they will receive from her after having a baby. The baby will be the mothers main focus.

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    Parents don’t know how to raise their kids: A downside of having kids is that some people actually don’t know how to raise their kids in a proper way. You and your partner might want to parent in different ways and styles. This can impact your marriage because disagreements can be huge.


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