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    The Best Location For Your Baby Shower

    In a world of trends and glam, everything that seem simple and straight forward before has been split into more fun, humorous and entertaining events.

    For your pregnancy journey, there are moments you can capture and in the end, you will be grateful you did. You could plan a baby shower with family and friends or just close relatives.

    The idea of a baby shower is to reveal the gender of the baby, celebrate the expectant mother transitioning from a wife to a mother, the welcoming of the baby, receiving of gifts from guests for your baby, play motherhood and fun games, have some deep talk sessions and of course wine and dine with your guests.

    Planning a baby shower is not rocket science or something to have a headache about. It is quit simple and you can just have fun through it.

    First and foremost, know your guests. Know the amount of people you want to invite and send invites immediately, so as to secure their availability.

    After this, you should move on to make plans for the decorations, picking a theme and venue for the baby shower.

    The venue for your baby shower is not limited to a certain location. You can use wherever you want and feel most comfortable with. Beit your living room, your courtyard, a garden, an hotel room or lobby, the poolside, an outdoor location, wherever you want to use is fine. The most important is that it should be comnsucive for you and your guests.

    In picking a theme and color for the decorations, you can go for any color you like as well. Perhaps pink, blue of any cool and sweet color. You don’t have to do so many color mix/blend, just something soft and aesthetically catchy.

    Consequently, you will need to plan the games to be played before hand. There are different baby shower games online that you can pick from. In planning your baby shower, you might need to get a host/MC that will help coordinate the order of event to make it more organized and relatable.

    When planning on the games to be played, ensure they are fun games that will set a great and pleasant atmosphere for your big day. The gender revealing is also very important, try not to miss out on that.

    Sometimes, the mother-to-be doesn’t have a part in the baby shower planning process as her friends, husband or family members decides to surprise her.

    Essentially, do not forget your outfit. Most of the time, a fancy free/maternity gown is the perfect fit. Also, your guests could be on uniformed attire. Just a fashionable color or style.

    Note that the baby shower is not an event for just females but males and females.

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