7 Tips On Preparing For Twins

Finding out that you are expecting twins is the ultimate bombshell. It’s an amazing blessing that’s often followed by a big shockwave. Preparation is not optional. It’s essential. You can’t just hope that everything will fall into place, because it won’t.

Below is 7 tips on preparing for twins.

Get your finances in order: One of the biggest worries many twin families face is how to afford two babies at the same time. You may have been financially prepared to welcome one baby, but the sudden news of having two is throwing you off. Make a list of recurring monthly costs for after the twins arrive, like childcare, diapers, clothing.

Give your emotions time to settle: The initial wave of emotions is overwhelming, especially in that first trimester. You may feel guilty for not being overjoyed at having two babies, especially when so many struggle to conceive one.

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Learn as much as you can about twins: Research the different types of twins (identical vs fraternal, or MoMo vs MoDi vs DiDi). Ask your doctor how much weight you need to gain, or whether it’s okay to exercise or not. Buy books and speak to those who you know who already have twins.

Get your maternity leave organised: Most moms can work up to their due date, but twin moms are a whole other story. Talk to your boss or Human Resources department early about your rights and benefits.

Prepare for your twin labour and delivery: Ask your doctor about typical symptoms to watch out for, and what to do when the signs point to delivery. You’ll want to know when it’s okay to come to the hospital versus labouring at home, and what to expect once you arrive at the hospital.

Learn how to care for your twins at home: Feed your twins at the same time, including breastfeeding. Master tandem feeding and you will save yourself a ton of time, instead of feeding one right after the other.

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