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    Best Christmas Traditions To Enjoy This Holiday

    Christmas is a holiday that many people all over the world eagerly celebrate. Similar to most places, Christmas traditions in Africa help commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

    Below are the best Christmas traditions to make this holiday memorable:

    1. Going to church

    Many people go to church to celebrate Christmas. While the services may have slight differences across congregations, they all tend to focus on a few key things: Christmas carols, dance performances, and a nativity play.

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    2. Giving gifts to loved onesChristmas traditions

    Gift-giving is a worldwide tradition. For Christmas, people love to gather around to give each other gifts. And even though luxury items aren’t usually the gifts they provide, their presents still put a smile on each other’s faces.

    3. Having a Christmas dinner

    As in many places, families love to gather around for a good Christmas dinner. This is a tradition that you see people take very seriously.

    Because Christmas is a public holiday, relatives and loved ones are expected to come to dinner, so many people are typically present. Many of the dishes include goat, chicken, turkey, sheep, vegetable salad, skewed beef, jollof rice, fried rice, white rice, etc.

    4. Decorating the tree

    Decorating a Christmas tree helps to get one in the holiday spirit. It’s common to see people use handmade decorations, bells, and lanterns to decorate their Christmas tree.

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