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    Fun Long-Distance Activities To Do With Your Partner This Christmas Season

    The Christmas season is a time to be with your loved ones. Even if you and your partner are far from each other, you can still enjoy the season by doing some fun long-distance activities virtually.jeans for date koko Bride Nigeria

    Here are some fun long-distance activities to enjoy with your partner this Christmas season:

    1. Play an online gamevirtual dating ideas KOKO Brides NigeriaPlaying an online game with your partner is fun as it brings you both closer. If you have a gaming system, you can play together from far apart.

    2. Record video messageslong distance relationship KOKO Brides Nigeria4

    Put on an outfit that has you feeling yourself, sit in front of a window or a ring light, and record sweet video messages for each other like you’re doing a spot for your favorite reality TV show.

    3. Plan a vacationlong distance relationship ideas KOKOBRIDES

    Spend a video date or two brainstorming a new adventure that you can look forward to.

    4. Cook together on video

    Find a recipe you can each make at the same time, then talk each other through it as you go or turn it into a fun-friendly competition.

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    5. Watch a movieFun long-distance activities

    Even in a long-distance relationship, you can still press play at the same time and enjoy a film from afar, no sharing the popcorn required.

    For a more unique twist, show each other favourites from your childhood, turn it into a theme night with outfits and snacks or really lean into the romance with a steamy romantic movie.

    6. Take a virtual museum tour

    long distance KOKO Brides Nigeria
    love is the destination to the plane

    Get some culture in with a virtual tour of your favourite museum style, whether you are into history, art, science or a niche subject area. This is a great one for days or nights when the weather is nasty where you are, so you can get all cozy indoors and learn something together without even leaving your respective houses.

    7. Eat dinner togetherlong distance relationship KOKO Brides Nigeria2

    Order or make food from a spot you’ve both enjoyed, pour your beverage of choice, get a little fancied up and don’t forget to light the candles and set the ambience with some mood music. Really go for it by using cloth napkins and the good dishes, to make it feel special.

    8. Make each other playlistslong distance relationship KOKO Brides Nigeria1

    You’ll always be in each other’s heads if you swap playlists with songs that remind you of each other. Go old-school and write up some liner notes explaining why you included each selection, for an extra touch. Just make sure you have fun!

    9. Wake up (or go to bed) togethervirtually work koko brides

    Wake up with each other to set the day off to a sweet start or call each other just as you are winding down to recap everything that happened. This idea feels especially fresh if you mix up the time of day you usually connect; night owls, try a morning call and vice versa. The goal is to have fun together.

    10. Send them a care packagelong distance relationship KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Put together a personalized box of goodies you know they’ll love: reminders of home, favourite snacks, a comfy outfit to wear, and other items that will make them smile. Include a lovey-dovey card and watch their face light up as they open it.

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