10 Gifts To Say I’m Sorry To Your Girlfriend

Messing up and fighting is a natural part of being in a relationship. Sometimes argument makes you stronger, and sometimes, it takes a toll on you.

When it comes to apologising, sometimes words just aren’t enough. There are plenty of apology gifts that can help your girl forgive and forget.

In order to apologise to her, it is important that you show that you truly mean it. Show her that you mean it by gifting her gifts. Something that’s simple but at the same time will wow her, something she’ll always remember.

Below are 10 Gifts to say I’m sorry to your girlfriend.

100 Red Roses: A beautiful bouquet of flowers is one of the most traditional ways to say, “I’m sorry,”. Roses are beautiful and elegant and probably the most widely used apology gift for a girlfriend. Roses light up any room at any time.

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I’m sorry gourmet cookie Gift: Say you’re sorry and satisfy her sweet tooth at the same time with this gift. Individually wrapped and different selections. Each time she eats one she’ll see how sorry you are because the cookies say so on all of them.

Funny Sorry & Apology Card: Fun, unique, and sincere, handmade apology card is one she’ll want to keep even after she forgives you. This also shows that you put effort in apologising.

Diamond Earrings: With this beautiful pair of diamond earrings, you can be pretty sure that your girlfriend will get your message and will realize just how sorry you are. This shows her that your willing to spend money on her to shows you’re sincere and really sorry.

“I Am Sorry” Teddy Bear:  You girlfriend will be so happy once you give her this adorable giant, huggable teddy bear. She will also love cuddling this huge stuffed bear and hopefully will be touched by the message on its T-shirt saying, “I’m sorry.”

Necklace “I love you,” written in 120 different languages: This has dialects, encompassing a gold heart in miniature writing in 120 different languages. This will showcase your love to her not in just one language but 120 different languages.


Chocolate covered strawberries: Everyone loves chocolate covered strawberries, this will make her heart melt. This sweet gesture will definitely will have her forgive you.

24K Gold Rose: This combines flowers and jewellery together, the 24K gold rose is a sweet way of getting them something beautiful that will last forever. The rose is in fact a real rose that’s been dipped in gold.


Heart Shape Balloons: This will wow her, something she’ll always remember. Blow up heart-shaped balloons to fill up her room. Apologise to her with a sky full of hearts, so that she knows just how you feel about her. This shows how truly sorry you are and I’m pretty sure she’ll be happy to forgive you.

Personalised Candy: You can personalise your own candy online. You get to choose from 15 different colours for the candies, add your own text, an image and also  select from all sorts of unique packaging that’ll make her happy and also surprise her.

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