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    10 Simple Dinner Ideas For Your Wife

    Dinner dates are a great way to keep the relationship alive and great as couples spend quality time in each other’s company talking and also reassuring each other about the relationship and strengthening their bond. Prepping for your dinner date requires lots of effort and one of them is deciding what to eat and prepare.

    10 Simple Dinner Ideas For Your Wife Choosing your meal option could be a lot of work but sometimes it is better to keep it simple and easy. A simple meal can show your partner that you truly care about them and there are a number of dinner ideas that you could whip up for your wife that are simple to cook and also allow you to display great kitchen mastery.
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      1. Jollof Rice
        This is a staple Nigerian dish that is easy to make and very affordable. Cook a yummy Jollof rice dish, including veggies like carrot, sweet corn and finish things off with a Chicken or beef. This meal doesn’t require a lot of cooking time as well.
      2. Pepper Soup
        Pepper soup is a spicy soup with a watery mixture of several ingredients like Garlic, Ginger, Nutmeg, etc. Beef, chicken, fish is thrown into the soup and you are ready to dig in. It doesn’t require a lot of cooking time and it is easy to make.
      3. Sambaza
        This East African dish is a great choice for dinner ideas with the Mrs as it is simple and easy to make. It is a dish where tiny silver fishes are deep-fried, and it is accompanied with French fries and salad as an accompaniment.
      4. Potjiekos (Oxtail and rice)
        This is a traditional South African dish made with game meat. This version, the oxtail stew, and is very rich and filling. This dish will bring a smile to your wife’s face and make her really happy.
      5. Meatballs and Pasta
        This dish is made perfect when it is homemade and what better way to tell your partner you love them than with a homemade dish. It typically consists of Mincemeat, Tomato Sauce, and Spaghetti. Spaghetti and Meatballs are absolutely delicious and very easy to whip up.
      6. Banku and Tilapia Fish
        It is a traditional Ghanaian dish that is very common amongst all regions in Ghana. Banku is basically a mixture of corn dough/flour mixed with cassava dough/flour. It can be eaten with various sauces such as stew, hot pepper sauce, soup, etc. Tilapia is a river fish that is a delicacy in Ghana. It can be used for stew, soups, and also eaten by grilling, baking, and frying.
      7. Red-red
        Red-red is a Ghanaian dish composed of black-eyed peas, cooked in palm oil/vegetable oil with plantain. The dish derives its name from the red color it takes on from the red palm oil and fried plantain.
      8. Matoke
        This plantain Banana dish is a dinner idea around East Africa, particularly Uganda and Tanzania. The meal prepared from unripe, green matoke is also called “matoke”. It is readily available cheap and filling. These East African highlands green bananas are typically mashed, pounded, or boiled. They are usually eaten with meats, fish or peanut sauce; and some vegetables.
      9. Kenyan Bhajias
        Kenyan Bajias are seasoned, battered, and fried potatoes. They are delicious when dipped in a mango chutney called madras. This is a yummy dish that is a great dinner idea for your bae.
      10. Mchemsho
        This is a traditional dish from Northern Tanzania consisting of numerous ingredients such as potatoes, green beans, carrots, bananas, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, sweet peppers, and a variety of spices. It is considered a special dish made for special occasions, and dinner with bae is special.

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