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    8 Steps To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

    I know you are super excited to go down on one knee and ask that pretty lady to spend forever with you but then there are a few things you need to take care of before planning that proposal. One thing women love and will always speak about is their ring most importantly their engagement ring. Women love to stare at their 4th finger on the left and just smile seeing the perfect beauty sitting on it.

    It may seem pretty easy and like a walk in the park but when you get into the ring shop you will be overwhelmed with choices and might get confused about the perfect thing for your partner. These days, there’s a lot more to consider when figuring out when, where, and how to buy an engagement ring. Here are the best tips that will help you to find the perfect engagement ring.
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    1. Go Bold or go home
      You are about to ask the most beautiful woman in the world to be yours so you definitely know that she deserves the best right. So get ready to go all out in finding the perfect ring for your queen.

    Find out what your fiancée would want
    She is the reason why you are going above and beyond so it is important for you to also find out what she would want, love, and appreciate. You need directions on the type of style she would want but there’s a trick you don’t want to spill your big surprise to her so get a few trusted friends or family members who know her style and understand it.

    Choose the right band
    What type of band will you want her to have on her vein of love would it be Gold, silver, and platinum. The type of band will sometimes also influence the price of the engagement ring as platinum is significantly more expensive as it has a greater density than the others.

    Have a Carat Size in Mind
    What size would you want your fiance to have on her left finger? Would you love to go bold, medium, or small? The spouse-to-be should definitely have an idea of her choice of size. The groom could also sometimes go bold for his queen and give her a bold choice so everyone spots her finger the moment she walks into the room and they know she’s yours and belongs to no other.

    Get Measured Correctly
    What’s the size of her finger so you find the perfect fit for her. You do not want a ring that’s too tight and not to lose. We want something that’s a perfect fit and she would never lose. You as the girlfriend can go get sized at a jewelry store on your own and then casually mention your size the next time the topic comes up or men get her best friend to take her jewelry shopping so they can find her perfect size in the process.

    Don’t get caught up in a trend.
    An engagement ring should be a timeless, classic symbol of your love that will last forever, so the goal should be to find the stone that is the perfect match for your future fiancé. You may be faced with the trendiest choices when you get to the store but go ahead to ask them for their classy and timeless collection that’s where the magic is. You can decide to be extra and go ahead to work with the jeweler to make something special for your significant order.

    Don’t go alone.
    In finding the perfect ring having more than one opinion is better and important. You would have the jeweler there to guide you but he/she may be biased so you need an outside opinion who has your best interest at heart. Picking the perfect partner you need someone who knows your partner well and can help you decide what she would love.

    Make your final choice
    Once the first 7 steps have been adequately dealt with you now make the final choice on what engagement ring you would pick for her. Pick that perfect engagement ring and head home to plan the best and most memorable proposal.

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