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    Dating 107: 7 Magical Tips To Help You Build Your Dynasty In Love Paradise

    You really can’t tell when you’d meet the right person for you but you can determine how long they stay with you. As soon as you get on that romantic appointment with that guy, servicing the relationship is the next line of action. What you should do to keep the person.

    Now listen, it’s not about being pushy, manipulative or in control, all of these will sabotage your relationship. It’s about being yourself and allowing yourself love and be loved. Dating is many things; fun, interesting, adventurous, amazing, funny, sometimes awkward, stresses you out but definitely not simple.

    Dating isn’t simple, not entirely difficult but somewhere in between. Whatever you get out of it is solely dependent on what you put it in. But not simple because there is disparity in interest, values, moral standards, choices and opinions of both parties.

    Here are 7 magical tips that will help you build your dynasty in love paradise.

    1. Two people make up a dating situation. And for that, you need to respect and understand differences. Nobody is wired the same way, so don’t make comparisons. Rather, understand their personality and take them for who they are. Don’t try to change them either.

    2. On the second note, communicate your standards early enough in the relationship and learn your partner’s values early enough too. This will save you a lot of awkward moments in the relationship. Know what their stance is on certain issues, how they will react and respond to certain things and all that stuff. Never be too quick to judge them or make conclusions for them.

    3. As much as you get intimate with your partner, set your boundaries right. Speak up about it. Of course you’ll be vulnerable around them because they give you butterflies, but let them know what you want, what makes you comfortable and what you don’t like. Be careful not to be too rigid though.

    4. There definitely will be awkward moments and super awkward moments between you guys but that is fine. It is completely normal for that to happen but don’t dwell on that. Move on from there and grow stronger.

    5. Once you notice your partner is clearly looking for something different, don’t hesitate to call it off. Never lower your standards for them. You can compromise but never let go of your standards for them.

    6. As you move on in the relationship, be more comfortable with them. Don’t be a ball of nerves, loosen up and be yourself around them. Do stuff together, go out more often and if you ain’t happy or feel comfortable with anything, don’t bottle it up, let them be aware.

    7. More importantly, learn to communicate. Since everybody communicates differently, it is essential you know how your partner communicates. Also, when it comes to matters concerning them, stay curious. This will make them feel you are interested in them.

    As stated earlier, dating isn’t simple but whatever you put in it will determine what you get out of it. However, if you follow these tips, you’re sure going to have a smooth ride to love paradise and build your dynasty there.

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