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    Love In Itself Isn’t Enough For The Walk To Happily Ever-after

    You are newly weds starting a lifetime journey together, moving from possibility of ownership to confirmed ownership. Of a truth, one will definitely get into the other’s space at some point in time. You guys will fight, argue, disagree, agree, laugh and do all of those good and bad stuff together. But essentially, always ensure you come to a place of happiness at every point in time in your marriage.

    Love alone is not enough in marriage. Maybe it’ll birth other good stuff like commitment, intimacy, patience, selflessness, compromise, kindness, healthy relationship, faithfulness and the likes. But love in itself is never enough to help both of you go through your journey of happily ever after. It is intentional and requires your all for it.

    There are days you’d wake up and not feel butterflies in your stomach because you just don’t feel like. Not because you don’t love your partner anymore but for some weird reasons you can’t seem to put into words.

    But relax, we’re not here to scare you out of your new life but to give you 3 marriage tips that you can pin on your wall, in your corner or wherever. These tips will help your marriage grow to that beautiful image you have in your head.

    1. Communicate: The place of communication in a marriage cannot be overemphasized. Always talk to and with your partner. Asides they being your wife or husband, they are your best friend too and you should confide in them about anything and everything. Never assume they know what is going on with you. Although action speaks louder than voice but speaking can save you a lot of stress from what ifs and also help you understand each other well and your expectations. Asides talking about issues with them, you should be able to hold fun, sensible and challenging conversations that will spur you to be better and also help your home be lively. Either yourself or partner has to be humorous, if not both of you.

    2. Commit: Marriage is never one-sided. Commitment is essential from both ends.You need to be extra patient and sensitive to the needs of your partner. Commit to your partner financially, emotionally, intimately, commit your time, energy and yourself to your marriage. You’ve decided to be together so you need to keep sailing your ship with whatever thing there is you can give. Pay attention to the financial, emotional and sexual need of your partner, know when to brace them up with sweet words of encouragement and all that good stuff. It is not about you in marriage but about the both of you. This leads to the third tip;

    3. Compromise: Be ready to make adjustments in your plans, goals and decisions so as to accommodate the other party. There are times you’d both argue on certain things that one has to bend for the other. Be tolerant and note that compromising isn’t subject to one gender. You are two individuals in the marriage so both of you should always be willing to sacrifice and let go of a thing for peace sake and love sake. It will be tough to do but in the end, it will be the right decision to make.

    When it comes to marriage, some standards, morals and values shouldn’t be questioned but followed duly and incorporated in everyday life.

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