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11 Things To Avoid If You Don't Want Your First Date To Be A Disaster | KOKO Brides
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11 Things To Avoid If You Don’t Want Your First Date To Be A Disaster

Most people are always very excited to meet new persons, especially when it has to do with relationships. Therefore, your first date really matters a lot. Make it an entertaining and a funny one. Avoid anything that may spoil the day for you and your partner.

Below are some of the things you shouldn’t do on a first date:

  1. Do not be late

Imagine yourself waiting out in the cold and rain for your date to come. I’m sure you won’t like it, so don’t be late on your first date or on all of your dates. You have to be on time no matter what. Being late makes your date thinks that she is just another girl or he is just another guy.

2. Never split the bill

In Nigeria, no woman wants to go on a date with a stingy man. If he doesn’t want to pay for the bills on their first date, how can he be responsible for the future of his wife and their relationship? Just be a gentleman, pay whatever she chooses and never complain about the bill. It may cost a bit, but it’s very crucial. If she decides on her own to pay for the bill, then it’s fine.

3. Do not talk about yourself only

First date is the moment where both of you can talk and get to know each other. If you only talk about yourself without giving your partner the chance to share his/her stories, then it’s not a date.

4. Do not talk too much about your past relationships

Talking too much about a past relationship means that you still haven’t gotten over it and you may not be ready for a new one. You can mention your ex as an example, but don’t overdo it. Keep a balance, ask your date about his/her ex too. The purpose is to know each other and not about your exes.

5. Do not talk about marriage and kids

This topic is too heavy for a first date. It makes you seem desperate. Take it step by step. You are only on the first date. There are million other topics to talk about.

6. Do not be arrogant or rude

Being arrogant or rude is the perfect way to ruin your date. Be friendly and respect your conversation all the way. Make him/her feel comfortable. No one likes being insulted. If you plan for a healthy relationship, keep in mind that respect is very important.

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7. Do not judge your date

Never openly judge your date. You may disagree with something, but you are not there to make him/her a better person. Just keep it for yourself. In the end, this may not be the right person you like to have a relationship with. There is no reason to offend him or her.

8. Do not play with your cell phone

Remember it is your first date and you won’t like to ruin it. Going over your phone gives your date the impression that you are not interested in him/her. Interrupting continuously your conversation to check in on social media or answer a business call is ridiculous. The day has 24 hours, dedicate some time to your date.

9. Do not cut off his/her story

There are million ways to interrupt someone when talking, number 8 above is one of them. It’s your first date, so don’t do it. It is a sign of disrespect and you should always respect your partner. A good listener always wins points, not only on a first date, but in relationships in general.

10. Do not comment on other people

This game is between you and your date. Do not put a third party between you in any way. You are not there to talk about your friends or the woman next to you. Commenting on others may have different results than the one you wished.

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11. Do not flirt with other women

It’s considered as rude when you flirt with other women in front of your date. Don’t you even stare at other women. However, if you are not interested in your date, at least you should respect her until it is over.

Most importantly, don’t try to pretend. Just be yourself!

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