Want To Be Mushy? Darlington & Eugenia’s Love Story And Pre-wedding Shoot Will Leave You Like That

A first time meeting in Houston, Texas. Calls, Texts, Dinners, Laughter and unity are some of the key points of Darlington and Eugiena’s love story. The pre-wedding photo shoot is as simple as it can be, but the love is obvious.

Here’s an account of their love story according to the bride:

“Darlington and I met a few years ago. At the time Darlington resided in Houston, Texas, where he was starting his master’s in Cyber Security and I resided in Detroit, Michigan where I was completing my residency.

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“After several shared texts and long phone conversations, he was captivated by my beauty, intelligence, and close relationship with my family. On my end, I was taken by his kindness, loyalty, and honesty. We began a long-distance courtship but this was short-lived, as I eventually moved to Houston to start my fellowship.

“Shortly after I moved to Houston, Darlington planned a birthday party for me, he invited both of our families and friends. After everyone sang happy birthday, Darlington cued our song,“ If by Davido”, got down on one knee and proposed as all of the guests cheered on.”


Planner: @deservingevents
Photography: @imagrtistry.