Great Ways To Deal With Night Wakings For Babies

If you respond inconsistently to every nighttime waking, there will unfortunately be more nighttime wakings.

This is why a sleep training method is so helpful because it gives you a more systematic way to respond while STILL responding to your child.

To help babies deal with nightime wakings, it is always helpful to pause, observe, and then run through a checklist of things like:

  • Is this a normal feeding time? They are probably hungry!

  • It is not a normal feeding time– maybe sending in a non-breastfeeding partner would be helpful.

  • How were they acting today? Under the weather, congested, grumpy? They may need medicine, snuggles, etc

  • Was their schedule off? Were they really busy/overstimulated? They could just need some time to settle and go back to sleep or a quick check in for reassurance.

  • And as always, it could be a dirty diaper making them uncomfortable so a quick check for poop or leaking out can be helpful.

  • Is it warm in their room? Colder than when they went to bed? Temperature can disrupt sleep because our body temperature changes with sleep!

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How to stop night wakings for baby

To help stop night wakings for babies, consider these things:

  • Look at their schedule and see if there’s a tweak you can make

  • Triple check their sleep environment

  • Change up the way you respond to a less desired way (send in a non-feeding partner, rock instead of feeding)

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