Explaining Menstrual Periods To Your Girl Child

The average age for a girl to start her menstrual period is 9-16 years old.

If your girl child has already started her period, or you think she is ready to learn about menstruation, the following suggestions may help.

  • Approach the subject casually and informally. Avoid treating it like a scary or embarrassing topic, even if it is so for you. You want to set a good example for your child and help them not feel ashamed of menstruating.
  • Sit down with them where you both feel comfortable. Ensure there is privacy before approaching the subject. Don’t bring it up when you have guests over; that could be awkward for everyone.
  • Tell your girl what you’re going to talk about. Let them know what the discussion is about, and why it happens.
  • Tell them about vaginal discharge, too. Explain what it will look like when they get it. Tell them what’s normal, and what’s not.
  • Tell them about pads and tampons. Talk about when to use them and what you should use for discharge, too.

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