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    6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Sperm That Could Lead To Conception

    Sperm is the vessel that transports the DNA of a mature man to combine with the egg of a mature woman to make an embryo.

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    Sperm cells are male reproductive cells that originate in the testicles. They swim to and fertilize a female reproductive cell called an oocyte, or egg.

    1. Its Lifespan

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    It is estimated to live about 2 days outside the male body and approximately 72 hours inside the female reproductive tract.

    2. Number of cells an adult male reproduces

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    An adult male produces over 1,000 spermatocytes every second.

    3. How long it takes a man to produce sperm cells

    Sperm KOKO Brides Nigeria

    In the male reproductive system, it takes about three months to go from a stem cell to a mature cell.

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    4. How long between ejaculations is ideal for pregnancy to occur

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    For a man trying to cause a pregnancy, the optimal timing between ejaculations to allow for a release of a high number of motile cells is 24-48 hours.

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    5. How can sperm count / quality be increased


    The cell count and quality can be increased by keeping a healthy weight, staying physically active and eating a well-balanced diet. Foods high in sugar and fats are not ideal when a man is trying to cause a pregnancy.

    6. How long it can be stored and viable to use

    Preserved sperm cells KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Well-preserved sperm cells can be used years later.

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