Building A Good Family Relationship With 4 Love Languages

Home is not just a place, it is where two or more heart beats for comfort and care. After the long day at work, long ride and frustrating moments that made up your day, even the sweet experiences and the good news you can’t wait to tell somebody, all that rings in your head is “when i get home, i’ll get comfort”, “when i get home, i’ll be at peace”. Exactly what a home is and what a family is.

According to George Santayana,  “The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” Truthfully, it is. A good family makes up a good community and a good nation. The society thrives on strong family. Little wonder this popular saying; “Charity begins at home.”

But then, how can we grow as a good family, seeing that the Family is the greatest support system you can have. We could borrow a few from the 5 Love languages by Dr. Gary Chapman though, but with a little twist; Words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts and quality time.

1. Words of affirmation: The best way we can communicate with people is with the use of words, either spoken or written. To build a strong family, you need to learn to communicate with the right words, kindest words and positive words that can elate your family members and not lower their spirit.

Asides communicating rightly, learn to listen too. Communication is a two-way thing. You talk, you listen and vice-versa. Focus on what they are saying and let them feel heard and respected.

2. Quality time: In a world where “I am busy” is prevalent, then achieving this is almost impossible. But you create time for what matters to you the most right? Right. Your family matters and a strong family will always spend time together.

Image of a big family picnicking together in the park

As you try to spend time with your family, it is expedient that you treat everybody equally and with much regard. Especially for parents, you shouldn’t love one child than the other or pay attention to one and neglect the other. This act unconsciously makes your child question their self-worth.

3. Acts of service: Always offer to help. Nobody is a Mr. macho with undisputed strength, they will wear out sooner or later. Sometimes, without asking, offer to help and do things together.

4. Receiving gifts: More like always give gifts and appreciate whatever your children, siblings or parents do. It is a form of appreciation and that you see what they’re doing. Gifting shouldn’t be restricted to birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas alone. It should be done more often. Not necessarily something big or expensive but something that will catch their fancy.

A family gives each other all the support they need and invariably, they carry such energy and spirit to their workplace, the market, store and a place or more in the society. That way, the society is either strengthened or torn apart. Whatever happens in the society is a reflection of what everybody has on the inside to offer. Therefore, feed your family with love, care, support and kindness.