Get To Know Your Kids! You’re A Parent Not A Robot

Asides the transition into parenthood by birthing a child, parenthood comes with load of responsibilities. You may think you don’t care about anyone else but you, eventually, you will. The little human that came out of you, changed your world and your partner’s is soon becoming an adult and a lot needs to be done and known about them.

Half the time, parents tend to blame it on their jobs, what they do secure a comfortable livelihood at the expense of their relationship with their kids. If you ask some parent what their kid’s best color is, they probably don’t know, not to talk of what they love doing during leisure.

Servicing parent-children relationship might not be an easy one but we create time for things we cherish. So parents should create time too and ask their children engaging questions that will keep them up to date about their children.

It is not just about asking questions though, but about listening and paying attention. Been more curious about them and all that concerns them, also spending quality time with them. Even if it’s 30 minutes, it should count and stick with them for a while.

Here are some engaging questions you can ask your kids;

Generic Questions

  1. What is your favorite TV show and why?
  2. What are the interesting things about you?
  3. What do you do when you are alone?
  4. Do you like drawing/painting? What do you like?
  5. What is your best subject?
  6. what would you like to become in future? Why
  7. Do you have a best friend?
  8. Who would you call when you get into trouble? Daddy or Mummy?
  9. What is your favorite food/drink?
  10. which is your favorite house chore?

Social behavior questions

  1. Do you prefer staying at home or hanging out with your friends? Why?
  2. Would you rather party or stay at home? Why?
  3. What do you think about kids with tattoos?
  4. Do you think it is right to skip classes?
  5. What makes you feel better when you are upset?
  6. How do you treat people that are not your family member?
  7. What traits do you look for in your friends?
  8. Have you learnt anything from people?
  9. What is your opinion on how people behave and can you change them?
  10. Do you get teased in school?

Questions To Foster Parent-Children Relationship

  1. What do you like about Daddy and Mummy? Why?
  2. Do you think you can talk to me anytime?
  3. If you get into trouble, who would you call? Why?
  4. What don’t you like about Daddy and Mummy? Why?
  5. Is there anything you want me to do for you? Mention
  6. Would you like to go on a vacation with Daddy and Mummy?
  7. Is there anything i do that you don’t like? What are they?
  8. Have you had any cause to lie to me? Why and what was it?
  9. What are the things you’ve learnt from me?
  10. Is there something you want me to do that i’m not doing? Mention.

All these and many more are questions you can ask your kids. You don’t have to ask all in day, it is a gradual thing. Remember you are trying to build a relationship with them and not assuming the role of a lecture. Have a conversation with them and not an interrogation session.