10 Tips To Handle Parents Pressure For Marriage This Festive Season

Marrying someone you love is a wonderful experience, but you can’t get married to please someone else. You must be completely into the idea, and confident that you have found the right person for you.

Below is 10 Tips to handle parents pressure for marriage.

Divorce statistics: Be truthful and point out that divorce statistics are pretty high. A massive 50% of marriages fail. Marriage doesn’t guarantee that a relationship will last any longer than an unmarried one.

Ask them to stop: If people put you under pressure it’s very stressful. Even gentle hints about mother of the bride outfits and wedding venues can get irritating if heard often enough. Ask them to stop because it’s stressing you.

Set firm boundaries in your conversation: If they bring up dating and marriage and you don’t want to talk about it, tell them. if they continue to push despite your request, ask for space and walk away.

Communicate: You should communicate how you feel with your friends and family, but don’t get too defensive in the process. Keep calm and tell them you appreciate their concern, but you want to focus on your career or whatever it is you choose.

Don’t Avoid: Don’t avoid your family and friends just because you are afraid that someone will ask you questions about marriage. Avoiding them won’t help solve the issue, but communicating your concern will.

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Getting married isn’t a requirement: Let them know that marriage isn’t a requirement to be happy and that there is many successful people that are not married.

Talk about your career: If marriage is the most important thing for some, then some people do value their careers as well. Work is not only about earning money but doing something you like.

Distract them: Instead of your parents talking about marriage all the time, you should take part in fun activities or hobbies with them so you can distract them from all the marriage talks.

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Show the negative: You should show them the negative sides of getting married. You should do research and talk about each negative points of getting married.

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