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Skincare Tips And Beauty Regime In pregnancy | KOKO Brides
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

    Skincare Tips And Beauty Regime In pregnancy

    Pregnancy is one of the most exciting phases of a woman’s life it may be challenging but women enjoy the entire journey.  Pregnancy glow is one thing many women always spot rocking during pregnancy a flawless and beautiful skin. Many women also do not experience this but you can work on having healthy skin and also maintain that glow with skincare tips and a beauty regime during pregnancy.

    Some women serve skin goals in pregnancy and even miss their bump after welcoming their child a few months later. Before you get on with it, it is important to know which treatments are safe for you and your little one at this stage.  Here are a few skincare tips and beauty regimes you should definitely indulge in during your pregnancy journey.
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    1. Pedicure and Manicure
      During pregnancy, many women experience quicker nail growth and it is also stronger.  Extra hormones can make them grow faster and become stronger. Some women, though, find that their nails split and break more easily during pregnancy. More time should be dedicated to caring for your nails at this time and you could consider home care or book an appointment at a salon.
    2. Facials
      Women’s skin goes through a really tough phase in pregnancy with acne or sometimes glowing and flawless skin. A regular facial routine like exfoliating, use of scrubs, rose water will help at this time. Procedures like Aromatherapy, chemical peels, hot stones, and electric stimulation are best avoided while pregnant.
    3. MassageMassages during pregnancy are said to help in anxiety and depression as well as reduce muscle and joint pains. It is very important though, that the masseuse knows about your pregnancy and avoids too much pressure at critical points. These massages use specially built tables that provide support and indentations for the belly.
    4. Shea Butter
      Shea butter has a high level of healing fraction, fatty acids, and antioxidants that help heal and build the damaged middle skin that causes those ugly stretch marks. It is able to sink beneath the skin and moisturize it while the healing process is taking place. It also helps to even out complexion and get rid of the marks you have come to dislike. Women are encouraged to rub it around their belly area as a way to massage the bump as well.
    5. Stay Hydrated
      Drink lots and lots of water during this period as you need to stay hydrated during this time. The secret to youthful-looking skin during this time is consuming at least two liters of water every day. This tip is good for both you and your baby, and its benefits are many. Water flushes out all the toxins from your body, keeps your skin hydrated, and helps promote healthy and clear-looking skin.
    6. Sleep Routine
      Ever heard of the word beauty sleep it is a term that means getting sleep considered to be sufficient to keep one looking young and beautiful. During pregnancy getting enough rest is important and ample sleep helps your skin repair the small damages done due to hormonal changes, reduce dark circles, and give your skin that well-rested look.
    7. Fruits and Vitamins
      There are a number of drugs and vitamins recommended by your doctor for you to help you and your baby. Eating fruits daily will help you and you should also try out a smoothie mix or fruit plan from a nutritionist as well during this time.
    8. WaxingDue to the change in your hormones, body hair is likely to grow at a faster rate. Even though your skin may get more sensitive and it may be a ta bit more painful, it is considered a safe process.Photo Credit: Getty

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