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    10 Healthy Nigerian Breakfast Ideas For Families

    Eating breakfast together as a happy family has a significant influence on encouraging good eating habits.

    Here are 10 healthy breakfast ideas for you:

    1. Akara and pap

    This delicacy is the kind your family would look forward to, especially when served hot. An easy way to make this meal ready in few minutes is to get the dry bean in store, so you can readily mix the pudding at a moment’s notice.

    2. Bread Sandwich with Tea

    This is another breakfast quick fix that can be prepared in 10 mins or less.

    This can also function as a lunch box pack for the young ones in the family. For breakfast moments, this can be served with a glass of flavoured milk or a glass of fresh fruit juice.

    3. A bowl of Fruits

    A breakfast bowl of nicely diced Pineapple, Pawpaw, Apples, and Watermelon is quite a good start to your day’s meal.

    4. Bread and Egg sauce served with Tea

    Fresh bread, this can either be sliced or otherwise, served with eggs sauce – egg sauce may be spiced with tomatoes and bell peppers for some taste, served with tea or a glass of flavoured milk and enjoy this quick with your family for breakfast.

    5. Moi Moi and Custard

    This is a variation of the Akara meal. However, this cannot be done in a hurry, preparing the moi moi a night before could save you hours of long cooking time before breakfast.

    6. Yam and Egg sauce

    Yam and egg sauce is a delicacy your family can enjoy together for breakfast. Yam and egg sauce can be enjoyed alone or combined with fish stew to bring some delight to breakfast meal times.

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    7. Noodles with Vegetables

    Noodles have become increasingly popular as a quick meal that satiates a hungry stomach. Spice up your plate with some vegetables and seafood to add some nutrients to the meal.

    Veggies such as carrots, spinach, green peas and proteins like chicken strips or fish would make a fine addition to this meal.

     8.Yam and peppered sauce

    Peppered tomatoes sauce served with either boiled or fried yam is a healthy breakfast option fit for both families and those living alone.

    9. Boiled plantain and fish stew

    Plantain and stew can be made in different variations. A sizable bunch can conveniently feed a family of 4 when served with fish stew. You can opt to serve this meal with any protein of choice, chicken or eggs will do just fine.

    10. Beans and plantains

    This is one of Nigerians’ favourite meal. Beans is a source of protein; which helps to build up your body and while plantain gives the energy you need to do your day’s work.

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