6 Healthy Lifestyle To Increase Your Chance Of Getting Pregnant And Having A Healthy Baby

To increase your chance of pregnancy, it is necessary that you know the lifestyle to adopt, some of which include maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, and choosing foods that support your ability to conceive and achieve pregnancy.

In addition to the above-mentioned, lifestyle choices that support conceptions include limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and moderate daily exercise.

Here are some healthy lifestyle choices to adopt to increase your chance of pregnancy and having a healthy baby:

1. Oral Health

Oral health is vital. Gum disease, cavities, and periodontitis negatively impact pregnancy.

2. Quit Smoking

Studies show that smoking increases your chance of infertility by 13%. Smoking can extend the time it takes to conceive. Smoking also increases your risk for a miscarriage and can cause birth defects.

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3. Alcohol

Alcohol can impact both female and male fertility, affecting conception and implantation. There is no safe dose of alcohol.

4. Stress

Stress impairs fertility. Try acupuncture, yoga, meditation, breathing, and other mind-body therapies. Massage can help too.

5. Timing Intercourse


Understanding your fertility cycle can improve your chance of conception. Timing intercourse can help improve conception, but it does not affect fertility.

6. Sleep

Melatonin is naturally produced by the body during sleep. Any artificial light, including device screen light, can affect melatonin production. Sleep decreases cortisol levels which can lower testosterone.

Men can improve their fertility by eliminating tight-fitting clothes, long bike rides, and hot tubs, and avoiding holding a laptop in their lap because this can increase scrotal temperature and reduce sperm production.

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