5 Simple Ways To Burp Your Baby In A Sitting Position

Burping is usually most effective right after or in between feeding when a baby sucks in extra air while feeding on milk or food.

Burping your baby will help him or her release that air, improving their feeding and general comfort.

Below are tips on how to burp your baby while sitting:

As you do this, be sure to support your child’s head and neck. If you so choose, place a burp cloth over you and your baby’s thighs to catch any spit.

Support your child’s front chest with your hands and their neck and head with your fingers. This will make sure that your child is in a secure position and that their upper extremities are supported at all times.

There are several ways you can try to elicit a burp from your child, although it might take several minutes until they need to. They include:

  • Patting. Pat very lightly, using mostly wrist action, not the full force of your arm.
  • Rubbing. Rub using circular motions.
  • Bouncing. Lightly bounce your child making sure that his or her neck is fully supported.

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Your child may struggle to burp once, or may burp several times in the course of a feeding. It all depends on their individual constitutions.

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