Helpful Tips On How To Cover Your Baby At Night And Make Them Feel Warm

To keep your baby warm at night, it is important to choose the right bedding and clothing.

Below are ways to cover your baby at night and make them feel warm:

Dress your child in a light cloth at night to prevent them from overheating. Choose one layer of clothing to dress them in, also, choose a naturally breathing fabric such as cotton, linen, or wool.

if they wriggle a lot

A swaddle blanket will add extra warmth to your child and help them to feel calm.

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If the weather is cold, place them inside a baby sleeping bag, position their arms inside the armholes, and then do up the zip or buttons.

  • This also helps to promote uninterrupted sleep.
  • Never use an adult or child sleeping bag. It is important to choose a purpose-made baby sleeping bag to keep your newborn safe in bed.

Each time you check your newborn, feel their skin to monitor their temperature. If they feel hot to touch or are sweating, remove 1 layer of fabric to help cool them down. This is important, as newborn babies can’t monitor their own temperature very well.

  • For instance, if your child is sweating, remove their swaddle or sleeping bag. Only remove 1 layer at a time to ensure that your child does not get cold.

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