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    How To Develop Your Children’s Creativity And Make Them Become Genius

    Your child’s creativity starts with their method of thinking and problem-solving.

    You can help develop your child’s creativity with daily challenges that expand their reasoning and understanding of the world.
    Here are some tips to develop your child’s creativity:
    This encourages them to think independently, exercising an important aspect of creativity.
    A child who is constantly entertained by others or the television may struggle to find things to do on their own without access to media.
    Drawing supplies, blocks, books, and random craft supplies can all contribute to elaborate dramatic play schemes.
    For instance, a cardboard tube can be a telescope, tower, or person. Validate all of your child’s ideas, praising him or her for such an impressive imagination.

    Involve your child in figuring out ways to make an improvement upon something. Ask questions like, “How can we clean up the living room faster?” “How could we get water to the flowers without spilling any?” “What could we do to make the ball bounce higher?”

    Work together to establish dramatic play scenarios, using substitute items for props when needed. Dramatic play allows for children to imagine life from a different perspective, an important building block of creativity.
    Start a story and take turns building upon it. Follow your child’s lead in what the mood of the story should be. Expect most stories to be more on the silly, impossible side. Since this is just a story, no idea is too far-fetched.
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