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    How To Get Quality Sleep: Setting Up A Sleep-Friendly Environment

    Making your environment sleep-friendly can help you get a good night rest.

    Here are ways to set up a sleep-friendly environment:

    1. Keep your room dark at night

    Get good curtains to block streetlight, and consider getting blackout curtains if you are really disturbed by light.

    In the hours before you go to bed, dim the lights in your house and avoid screens.

    If you share a room with someone who needs lights on in the morning or after you have gone to bed, sleep with a soft cotton sleep mask.

    2. Stop noise pollution

    Though some ambient noise may be comforting, you are less likely to rest well in a house full of irregular noises.

    The sound of a fan or white noise machine may help you fall and stay asleep. White noise combines sounds of many different frequencies, which can mask other sounds that might disrupt you or wake you up.

    3. Cool down

    Piling on blankets may make you feel sleepy, but being overheated can actually interfere with your rest. Regulate your room’s temperature and toss off blankets if you are hot. Go to bed naked if you feel comfortable doing so, so your body can self-regulate its temperature.

    4. Lower the heat at night

    Your core temperature goes down at night, so keeping your room cool will help you stay comfortable.

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    5. Nest in a supportive bed

    The quality of your mattress and pillow can affect your sleep. You will rest best on a mattress that feels right to you. Your mattress may need replacing every seven years, or earlier if it is sagging or uncomfortable.

    6. Keep your room clear

    It’s hard to relax in a cluttered room. Tidy up at night, and put away anything that reminds you of daily cares.

    Your work should be out of sight. Remove any unnecessary belongings from your room, and store them elsewhere. Keep a clear path between your bed and the door.

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