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    How To Have Fun At A Beach Weekend Getaway

    There are plenty of opportunities to have a great moment at the beach. You can enjoy the sea, the sand, or you can view the scene from underneath your own umbrella.

    You can be sure to have a fun time at the beach with just a bit of planning with your partner.

    Here are some activities that will make you have maximum fun:

    1. Bring activities to share

    Bring something you and your partner can do. For instance, a deck of waterproof cards is great for the beach, as long as it’s not too windy. You could also bring a board game that doesn’t have too many parts. A game like Twister, for instance, would be great.

    2. Don’t forget some music

    Music is a great way to keep you and your partner entertained. You can bring along a waterproof, battery-powered radio, like a shower radio. However, you can also use waterproof bluetooth speakers so you can play music from your phone.

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    3. Take some solo activities

    Take a light book you’ve been meaning to dive into. The beach is the perfect time to do it. You could also take activity books such as crossword puzzles and Sudoku books.

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    4. Take some snacks

    Some good snacks to take include fruit, granola bars, vegetable sticks, and bottles of water. Skip the sodas as those don’t hydrate as well.

    5. Stake out your spot

    When you and your partner get to the beach, you both need to stake out a claim. It’s good to go early in the day, when it’s less crowded. That way, you will have more opportunity to find a good spot.

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