Simple Ways To Help Your Baby Relieve Their Hiccups

Hiccups are normal for babies. The easiest way to relieve your baby is to let the hiccups stop on their own.

However, there are simple remedies you can try to help relieve your baby’s hiccups. Below are some of them:

If your child’s hiccups last more than a few minutes, offer them a pacifier. Sucking on the pacifier can soothe and relax your little one’s diaphragm, which is likely causing their hiccups.

Soft, relaxing motions can soothe your little one and help their hiccups stop faster. Just gently pat them on the back or rub their back in a slow, circular motion. Or, lightly bounce your little one or sway while holding them.

Sometimes, feeding your infant can stop their hiccups. The latching, sucking, and drinking motions can help prevent them from hiccuping at the same time and calm down their diaphragm.

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Burping your little one helps release trapped gas in their tummy, which can also help relieve their hiccups. If your child gets the hiccups while they’re eating, take a short break to hold them upright against your shoulder and gently pat their back. Or, sit your baby on your lap and rub or pat their back.

Your child’s stomach can get distended from swallowing too much air as they feed. While this isn’t harmful to your baby, it can cause hiccups. If you’re feeding your child, just shift them to a more upright position, like at a 30 to 45° angle. This prevents more air from settling in their stomach that causes their diaphragm to contract.

While your little one’s hiccups can make you nervous, know that they don’t really bother babies. Hiccups usually go away after 5 to 10 minutes, so most doctors simply recommend waiting them out.

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