Couple Goals: Omoni Oboli And Nnamdi Oboli Are The One Pair That Makes Us Want To Fall in Love

Love is perfect, love is beautiful and with you, my soulmate forever feels like the perfect place to be. Finding someone who completes you is everything and watching couples go through life, overcome storms over the years with love in their hearts is the most beautiful thing to see. Nollywood star Omoni Oboli and her husband Nnamdi Oboli are one pair that makes us want to fall in love.

Omoni Oboli And Nnamdi Oboli Are The One Pair That Makes Us Want To Fall in LoveThe couple has been married for 21 years and they look so in love like it was only yesterday that they met. From being young lovers to becoming parents of 3 boys these two would have had their fair share of life struggles but they have given each other their hands to walk through life together. The couple are one pair we love to see on social media as they serve us beautiful goals and make us crave a beautiful love story.

The two are constantly goofy on social media playing the roles of lovers, partners to each other and also being amazing parents to their adorable three children giving us an idea of how important family is and what a happy one looks like. Nnamdi Oboli is super supportive of his wife constantly pushing her to spread her wings and be more. He encourages her career as an actress and Omoni Oboli loves to treat her man like the king that he is.

These two are a force to reckon with and their beautiful love story and life is one that would always remind us that happy marriages exist and everyone deserves someone who completes them.
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Photo Credit: Getty