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    Premature Birth: Understanding Risk Factors Beyond Your Control

    Babies who are born before full term are vulnerable to problems associated with being born prematurely. The earlier a baby is born, the more vulnerable they are.

    Babies born this early need special care in a hospital with specialist facilities for premature babies.

    Preterm labour is caused by a number of factors. However, some factors are beyond your control.

    Here are some risk factors beyond your control:

    1. Know that pregnancy complications can increase your risk

    For instance, preeclampsia can lead to preterm labour. Preeclampsia is extremely high blood pressure during your pregnancy.

    • Other pregnancy complications include gestational diabetes and too much amniotic fluid.
    • Problems with the placenta can also cause preterm labour, such as placental abruption.
    • Another issue could be if your uterus is not shaped normally. Your doctor should be checking you for all these issues so that she will know if you are at risk.

    2. Be aware that other diseases can put you at risk

    If you have high blood pressure or diabetes before you get pregnant, you can also be at risk for a preterm labour. Other chronic diseases can also cause issues, such as kidney or heart disease.

    • Even something as small as gum disease can put you at risk for preterm labour.
    • Pay extra attention to dental health while pregnant, by flossing, brushing, and using mouthwash twice a day at least.

    3. Understand how your past pregnancies put you at risk

    If you’ve had a preterm pregnancy in the past, you are more likely to have one in the future. Let your doctor know about your pregnancy history so he/she can assess your risk. Also, if your mother gave birth to you early, you may also give birth early.

    4. Be aware that trauma can lead to early birth

    If you have severe injury or trauma, that can put you at risk of giving birth prematurely. Obviously, you don’t have control over events that cause trauma, such as car accidents, but try to not put yourself in dangerous situations while pregnant.

    5. Understand other factors affect your pregnancy

    For instance, if you are having twins or triplets, you are more likely to give birth early. In addition, your age can affect your pregnancy. If you are an older mother, you may give birth earlier.

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