Raising Active + Healthy Children = Raising Healthy Generation. 8 Simple Tips To Encourage Your Children To Be Physically Active

When you imbibe physical activity in your children at an early age, they will grow up to enjoy doing such.

Physical activity aids children’s muscles and motor skills. It is also a fantastic way to bond with your kids because you will enjoy lots of memorable moments and conversations with them.

Active children are healthy children who grow up to become active healthy adults who raise their own active, healthy children.  Here’s how to create a healthy foundation for your precious children with these 10 simple tips.

1. Lead By Example

Let your love of exercise motivate your children by exposing them to your routine. Show them how fun it is to be active and encourage them to join in, if not for the full length of your routine, then for as long as they can.

2. Put Exercise On Your Daily To-Do List

Encourage daily exercise. Create a schedule for your family and get them to stick to it. It could be a run at dawn, a bike ride after school or a stroll in the evening, whatever fits you and your family’s lifestyles. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something you can all have fun doing together.

3. Make Exercise Fun

Engage your children in outdoor fun games as often as you can. Games like catch, two on two football and hopscotch will help your children get the workout they need while ensuring that they will never get bored.

4. They Can Be Active Indoors Too

There are indoor activities children can indulge instead of just watching television, browsing the internet or playing video games. Good indoor activities for your children include dancing and for younger children, balloon volleyball, hide and seek and blowing bubbles. Older children can engage in more regimented workouts like yoga, cardio a treadmill session.

5. Encourage walking instead of driving

Encourage your child to take a stroll when their destination is a short distance away as long as it is safe and they are not pressed for time. You could invite your child to walk with you when you take a stroll.

6. Actively Encourage Your Children To Take Up Sports

Help your child find out what sport he/she is good at. Playing sports not only helps your children stay fit, but it also teaches them discipline, teamwork, it brings out their competitive edge and helps them learn to handle disappointment.

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 8. Buy Them Active Toys

Toys are not just meant to entertain kids and occupy their time. Certain toys can encourage them to exercise their minds and their bodies. Provide your young ones with toys like balls, skipping ropes, bicycles and trampolines that encourage them to move around.

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