Simple Ways To Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy

Black man massaging his pregnant wife shoulders, both sitting on bed at home, free space

Back pain in pregnancy results from the increased weight of your abdomen and the strain it’s putting on your back.

There are ways you can ease back pain during pregnancy and below are some of them:

If you’ve been standing or sitting for a while, you might have built up some tension in your back. Sit down if you have been standing or lie down if you have been sitting. Prop your legs up on 1-2 pillows under your knees to provide extra comfort and support. This may help to reduce some of the strain on your back muscles and give you quick relief.

While sitting or standing, hunch your shoulders forward and hold them in this position for 5 seconds. Then, roll your shoulders back and sit up tall again. This may help to release tension in your back and relieve your upper back pain.

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Use self-massage or a massager to relieve tension and stiffness

Rub stiff or painful areas using your hands and fingers. Apply a massage oil to deepen the massage and make it easier to knead your skin. As another option, hold a hand massager over tense or painful areas to help relieve your discomfort.

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