Best Sleeping Positions During 3rd Trimester Of Pregnancy To Help With Delivery Of Your Baby

As you enter the third trimester, you may notice that certain discomforts have heightened. You may have to make various changes in different activities, including sleep.

Throughout your pregnancy, sleeping on your left side is probably the best. It allows the perfect passage of blood and nutrients to your baby. At the same time, this position also keeps you from feeling all the undesirable symptoms of pregnancy

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  • Sleeping on your back tends to cause nausea and morning sickness, and also affects the baby’s nutrition and blood supply.
  • Sleeping on your front at the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy will not be possible because of the size of your bump.

If you are not comfortable sleeping on your left side, it’s always better to start the habit while you are trying to conceive so as to avoid the uneasiness later.

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