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    11 Sweetest Words To Say To Your Partner This Valentine’s Season

    Valentine’s Day is a day of love. We express this love by being kind and charitable. Aside giving gifts on this special day, you should also say kind words that will melt the heart of your partner. This will show how much you love them and they will appreciate you all the more.

    Below are some sweet words to say to your partner this Valentine’s season:

    1. I love you to the moon and back.
    2. Your voice is so sweet that it melts my heart.
    3. Your face is comely and I love to behold it every moment of my life.
    4. You are the true definition of sweet honey.
    5. Your succulent lips make me to always give you sweet kisses.
    6. You are the flowers that beautify my heart.
    7. You are my precious jewel in the garden.
    8. You are a queen/king with a heart of gold and eyes full of love.
    9. You are the light that brightens up my day.
    10. You are as fair as the moon that calms my night.
    11. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dove, my fair one!

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