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    Things To Note Before Taking A Pregnancy Test In Order To Have An Accurate Result

    You sure want to have an accurate result when taking a pregnancy test.

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    Therefore, in order to have an accurate result, there are certain things you should note before taking the pregnancy test.

    Here is a list of what to note:

    1. Avoid drinking too much water

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    Drinking too much water can dilute your urine and makes it less concentrated, which can produce a false negative result.

    You can prevent this situation by using first urine of the day or being sure that you have held your urine for at least 4 hours.

    2. Don’t Look Too Soon

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    As the urine travels through the indicator window it might look like both lines are present, or that a plus sign is present. However, this does not mean that you are pregnant—it simply means that the test is working.

    You must wait until the end of the time allotted in the instructions to read the results of your test—which is usually one or two minutes. Use a stopwatch or a timer app on your phone to keep track.

    3. Don’t Look Too Late

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    While you don’t want to read the results of your pregnancy test too early, you also don’t want to way too long.

    The instructions will usually give you the window in which the test results will be accurate—usually about five minutes. After this time has gone by, the test might produce a faint positive when in fact there was no hCG detected in your urine.

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    If you’ve read the results within the timeframe in the instructions and decide to keep the test, don’t read into any change in the result in the hours or days after you take it.

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