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    5 Helpful Tips To Make School Mornings Easier

    School mornings are usually filled with a lot of tasks and responsibilities, especially for mothers. It can get so stressful that you may even begin to forget things.

    The more children you have, the more hectic school days are, especially if you are a working or busy mother.

    With the tips below, you will be able to make school mornings easier by getting your children ready with ease:

    1. Sort Out Uniforms for the Week on Weekends

    Make time on Saturdays to sort through and prepare all the uniforms your children will need for the week.

    Have them ironed and well kept in a special section in the wardrobe. If your children are old enough, show them where you have kept them so they know where to pick it up in the morning.

    2. Make School Mornings Better with Music

    Play music on a portable speaker to inspire and energise your children. Your children wake up every morning and are not so grumpy because they are listening to music, singing along and getting themselves ready.

    Giving your children an enjoyable morning routine to look forward to, reduces the amount of energy you have to put in trying to get them to hurry up, wear their uniforms and eat breakfast.

    3. Early to Bed, Early to Rise

    Early nights will not only allow your child be able to wake up for school without feeling sleepy, but will also leave them more energetic during the day and focused in the classroom.

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    4. Pack Their School Bags the Night Before

    Make it a habit to pack their school bags or have them do it for the next day, as soon as they are done with their homework.

    Packing includes money for lunch, homework, receipts or any signed notes they should be taking to school the next day. By so doing, you have one less thing to worry about in the mornings. Nobody will feel devastated that he or she lost something and they are going to be late.

    5. Create a Morning Routine

    Having a consistent routine in the mornings is very helpful for children, especially the younger ones. Simple schedules that they can follow keeps them organized and lets them know what is expected of them.

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