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    Beach Getaway: 5 Ways To Prepare For A Great Beach Adventure With Your Partner

    A beach getaway can be a ton of fun and very relaxing.

    As fun as going to the beach can be, it does take some planning ahead in order to have the best trip possible, so take a few days to plan for your beach weekend getaway.

    Here are some ways to plan for a beach getaway:

    1. Pack the right clothes

    Pack the swimsuit you have picked out and an extra change of clothes. The extra change of clothes is for the ride home, so you won’t be all wet and sandy.

    2. Take protection from the sun

    You don’t want to ruin your beach trip with a bad sunburn. Plus, protecting yourself from the sun will keep your skin looking younger as you age and guard against skin cancer.

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    3. Bring something to sit on

    A beach chair or a towel is appropriate, but if you choose a towel, it should be separate from the one you’ll be using to dry off with. If you choose a plastic chair, you may still want to bring the extra towel to keep your chair from getting too hot while you are away. You could also bring an old blanket you don’t mind getting sandy.

    4. Take a first aid kit

    Of course, you hope no one will get injured, but taking a basic first aid kit will offer you some relief if someone gets hurt. You can buy a first aid kit ready-made or make your own.

    5. Bring a waterproof or water resistant bag

    You’ll need a place to stash your valuables away from the water and the sand. Pick a bag that’s fairly water resistant or waterproof so that you can stash your phone and wallet away. Leave anything irreplaceable behind that you can so you don’t lose or damage it on the beach.

    • Another trick to protect your valuables is to clean out an old sunscreen bottle. Use it to hide valuables you don’t want anyone to steal, and as a bonus, it keeps them dry.
    • You can also stash electronics in zip-top bags for protection.
    • For beach toys, find a net bag so sand can be left on the beach. Pack all the food in a cooler with ice.

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