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10 Creative Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Children | KOKO Brides
Thursday, June 13, 2024

    10 Creative Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Children

    Spending quality time with children deepens relationships, creates memories, and makes them feel important and loved.

    Shared below are 10 ways to spend quality time with your children:

    1. Involve your children in your “TO DO LIST”

    Children love to help. Involving them in your house chore activities is a great way to make time for your children. Have a fun time with them while at it. let them help you with things like washing, cooking in the kitchen.

    Create an upbeat playlist and enjoy a kitchen dance party as you and your child get some chores finished. Not only will it be fun, but helping with chores will make them feel proud and responsible.

    2. Converse with them

    Try as much as possible to have a deep conversation with them about happenings in their lives and give them the chance to say whatever is on their minds. While doing so, please, don’t cut them short.

    Those conversations will go a long way in their personal lives – help you get to know them more, and forge a stronger relationship with them.

    3. Capture cherished moments with your children

    Show your children affection by giving them kisses and hugs especially the younger ones. It makes them feel loved and cared for.

    4. Read together

    Spend some minutes or hours reading with your children, it’s a great way to have quality moment with them. Or you can as well take them to the library.

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    Either way, simply let them choose a book they would like to read, then share and discuss ideas together. This alone will help you know your kids’ reading capability and get you corrected them.

    5. Eat together as a family

    Mealtime is an important moment you should spend with your children. It’s an opportunity for you to pay special attention to their dining etiquettes and get to know their favorite meal. This special moment will make them feel happier and relaxed. It is better to avoid distractions like gadgets and focus completely on your children.

    6. Connect During Car Drives

    Car drive is one of the creative ways you can pay attention, connect and bond with your children. Sing songs, have a talk with them. Even when they are just talking and playing with each other, listen to them and enjoy their conversation. You will get to know them better through their chat.

    7. Have A Special Night

     Special night is another way of connecting with your children. Turn your kitchen into a bar or an eatery once a week and enjoy a special meal that will excite your kids. You can strike up conversation around the table and get them to share their news at the table.

    8. Make Time Together

    Make time to for your kids by spending a few hours outside your home with them. Pack lunches for everyone for a little picnic, visit a museum, a theme park, a water adventure park, or you can just choose a nice spot to relax together.

    It doesn’t matter where you eat lunch with them, what matters is you are all having fun together and a special moment with them.

    9. Have a regular Bedtime with them

    Bedtime presents a wonderful opportunity to make time for your children. You get to read together, play, discuss, and listen to them. Tell them stories about yourself, how they behave when they were still much younger. Be sure to make bedtime fun for them and make them always long to have this special time with you.

    10. Cook Together

    Cooking with children has many positive benefits. Spend time together in the kitchen, make new memories, and eat something delicious as a result!

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