7 Creative Ways To Workout At The Office

When you are at your work place, there are several ways you can stay fit and do your work at the same time.

You shouldn’t necessarily spend all your working hours sitting at the desk, looking at computer screens and eating lunch at the desk. There are clever ways you could sneak in a workout as you work.

Below are some of them:

1. Deliver it in person

You may have some messages to deliver. Instead of delivering those messages via mail or messenger service, you can take a walk to deliver it in person. A few minutes of movement around the office could help you burn some calories and make you active.

2. Make good use of your lunch break

Use the opportunity of your lunch break to incorporate a workout into your work schedule. You can divide your lunch break by spending half of the time to take a walk and spending the rest half to enjoy your lunch.

3. Stand more

Standing can help prevent you from being tired and having a backache for sitting too long.

When receiving or making phone calls, you can get up from your seat and move around.

4. Run in a spot

A few minutes of running in a spot in your office is a cardio that will get your heart pumping and will also restore your energy levels.

5. Drink more water

Drinking enough water will help to reduce fatigue and keep your body working. Ensure to drink at least half a litre of water every hour and refill your bottle regularly. It’s a good way to keep your metabolism functioning well.

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6. Squat

Take a moment to get in a few sets of squats during your working hours, you can do them anywhere in the office. They’re a great way to fit in a lower body exercise.

7. Stretch

Get up from your desk and spend 5 minutes stretching every hour. The more you stretch, the more flexible your joints become. Moreover, stretching will also reduce your risk of having lower back, hip, and knee pains.

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