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    10 Reason Why You Should Date An Igbo Woman

    The Igbo Tribe is the third-largest culture in Nigeria and compared to other tribes the Igbos women are well known for having beautiful women. Their women are usually beautiful energetic, and smart. Dating an Igbo woman is such an exciting thing but it also requires patience, resilience, and confidence.

    10 Reason Why You Should Date An Igbo WomanThese are ten reasons why you should Date an Igbo Woman.
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    1.  They Are intelligent.
    When approaching an Igbo woman, you should know that they are intellectually smart. When I mean intelligence, they’re emotionally and mentally intelligent. An average Igbo woman can sense whether you’re trying to play on her or not. They can sense a playboy from miles away so you should take this into consideration.

    2. They are usually self-dependent.
    This set of women are usually as hardworking as their men because they have grown up seeing their fathers and mothers hustling, they end up doing the same. They don’t really have to wait for a man to start providing for them before they start doing so for themselves and this is an advantage to you also.

    3. Igbo Women Also Prefer Dating Independent Men.
    If you are a man that’s interested in dating an Igbo woman and you are not self-dependent also well forget it. There’s a popular saying that Igbo ladies are drawn to money, well that’s not true, which woman will want to live in poverty with her family, absolutely no one.  Igbo girls are only attracted to hardworking men, not their money. Since they are hardworking on their own, they want their partner to be hardworking also because no one likes the idea of living in hardship in the name of love.

    4. They are educated.
    Education plays a vital role in every relationship because it can be used against anybody at any given time or place. The Igbo clan takes education very seriously and they are one of the first set of people in Nigeria that started sending out their female children to schools. when you look at the business world in Nigeria the Igbo ladies are dominating. They prefer to make things right before settling down with a man, like I said relation works both ways.
    5. They Are God Fearing.
    There isn’t more I can say to this because this set of people take their religion very seriously, They don’t play with it at all. When your whole linage is God-fearing, you become one too, Christianity started from the Igbo clan, that’s why in society today they are dominating in the religious aspect. So you need an Igbo woman that will pray with you in your time of need, whenever and wherever.
    6. They Can Cook.
    It’s safe to say that a woman that can cook has the key to her man’s heart and without saying much, well if you know any Igbo lady that cant cook that woman was brought up in Yankee or she is just unwilling to learn because growing up in an Igbo community from a very young age, their ladies are taught to cook for their fathers and brothers, in fact, the whole family, in most cases they have a large number of relatives living together, so its a necessity to learn.

    7. They Are Faithful.
    In most relationships, these days cheating has become a norm for both men and women, the shocking fact is that most people have even come to be comfortable in this kind of situation. Igbo girls are faithful Any woman can cheat if they want to, but the average Igbo woman remains faithful even after her husband dies. You hardly find her marrying again if she had kids for you, she is faithful and won’t cheat even when she is tempted.
    8. They Show You Off.
    An Igbo lady would introduce you to all her friends and family before you know it. she will want you to be by her side at all times if she truly loves you and that is the sweetest thing. She doesn’t mind picking up the microphone to announce to the world that you belong to her and making the other ladies know their boundaries.

    9. They Are Caring.
    You will hardly find an Igbo woman that is not caring and loving even down to their friends, colleges at work, inlaws e.t.c. An Igbo woman will take care of your mother, your father, and your loved ones, she doesn’t mind the stress. Your tribe, or where you come from is not an issue as far she loves you, you are covered.
    10. They Are Naturally Beautiful.
    Radiating beauty in all aspects from shining beautiful black and bold beautiful skinned girls to white gorgeous snowy skinned girls, their beauty is despicable.

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