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    10 Romantic Proposals Ideas At Home

    A proposal can be nerve-wracking and can be really scary, if you are not the most creative person. With so many ideas floating around in the air, it can be confusing.

    Here are 10 romantic proposals ideas at home:

    Recreate Your Favourite Trip: Recreate a trip or first holiday together. Recreate photos, recreate the amazing food and cocktails and clothes you wore would be funny and remind them of the trip. You could then put the ring in an envelope and propose.

    Breakfast in Bed: You could get a tray and have flowers, fresh fruit and pancakes. You could then have “Will You Marry Me” on display or written on the pancakes.

    Get your pet to help: Involving your pet into your at-home proposal is a super considerate idea. Engagement rings is easy to loop onto a collar, or you could get a tag engraved with the words “will you marry me”.

    Play a Game: You play a good game of scrabble and have the tiles say “Will you marry me?”

    Candlelit Dinner: A Candlelit dinner is very chill and romantic. You could order their favourite food or dish you could make that you’ll know they would love. Creating the atmosphere in this time is important. Adjust the lighting, sprinkling petals everywhere and having calm music playing. You could pop the ring in the desert. Whether in the chocolate, cake or ice cream she’s bound to find it.

    Home Cinema: Have your girlfriend think that you will be watching a new show on Netflix. Instead of the movie playing; change the screen and then when you hit play you will have a slideshow with all your happiest moments togethers, and the slide ending with “will you marry me?”

    Love Poem: You could write your own love and romantic poem and the ending of the poem can say “Will you marry me”.

    Scavenger Hunt: Organise a scavenger hunt which is romantic, memorable, creative and fun. Have clues hidden around the house. When they finally reach the last clue, get down on one knee and pop the question.

    Room filled with balloons: Have the room set up and filled with balloons and also with balloons that say “Will You Marry me?” and kneel down amongst them. This is a fun and romantic proposal.

    Have a Photoshoot: Once you’re a few photos in pull the ring out of your pocket. This allows you to document their reaction and creates long lasting memories.

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