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    10 Steps To Plan For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

    A pre-wedding shoot is a short photo session with a photographer approximately two to six months before your wedding. Having a pre wedding shoot is the best way to help calm the nerves you have for being in front of the camera.

    Below are 10 steps to plan for your pre-wedding shoot.

    1. Choose a Location: Most important thing to think before you start planning your pre-wedding shoot. Do you want to pay for a specific location or shoot somewhere free like at a park. So, consider deciding how much you’re willing to spend for the most perfect location for you and your partner to shoot at.

    If you find your dream location, check if the places are available on chargeable basis or free of charge.

    2.Budget: Have some sort of cost in mind. You don’t want to go too over board with things. So, having some sort of budget will make sure of that. Have a budget for clothes, location and your makeup artist.

    3.Date of the Shoot: Pick a date according to the season and what you and your partner prefer. Would you want a wet month where its rainy or a dry month where its sunny. The date of the shoot is important because you don’t want to be left disappointed if the weather isn’t perfect to what you and your partner want.

    4.Hire a Photographer: Hire a professional photographer who can capture your love between each other. You want someone who’s very skilled and have a lot of experience shooting pictures. Do your research and see beforehand.

    5.Book A Makeup Artist: Make sure you book your makeup artist way before your scheduled pre wedding shoot to avoid any last minute troubles. Let your MUA do a trial on you so, you know what kind of makeup look you want on the pre-wedding shoot day.

    6.Style: Have a idea on what type of theme both you and your partner will go for. Will the style will be a beachy theme? or will it be a picnic theme?. Theme can be something that reflects on both of you.

    7.Choose Your Outfits: Pick outfits according to the theme. Make sure both of you have 3-4 pair of outfits. Make sure your outfits are some sort matching and matches the theme and location of your pre-wedding shoot.

    8.Get Your Props Ready: Have a list of props that would go well with your pre-wedding shoot theme. You could either buy or rent these props way before the shoot so that you don’t have to worry about it.

    9.Plan Your Poses: If you’re camera-shy, its a good idea to plan your poses so you feel more confident on camera. Instead of your photographer telling you what poses to recreate, ensure you and your partner practice some poses beforehand.

    10.Be Yourselves: Have a fun and a relaxed session. Don’t worry about the camera and just be true to yourself because that what makes capture the best photos.

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