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    10 Useful Tips for Applying Makeup If You Have Dry Skin

    Mastering a great makeup look isn’t the same for everyone, because what works on some might not work on others, especially when it comes to product selection and application techniques.

    This is especially true when you have dry skin, as applying makeup on top of dry or flaking skin can be difficult. Using the wrong product or formula can highlight your dry patches or even make your dryness worse, and you may feel like skipping makeup altogether.

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    The good news is all you need to do is follow a few simple tips and use the best makeup for dry skin so that you can expertly apply makeup to a dry complexion with ease.

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    1. Be Sure to Exfoliate

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    While it can seem like those with dry skin should skip exfoliation, it’s actually still a necessary step in your skincare routine, as foundation and other makeup won’t sit well on top of dry, flaky skin. To ensure you have a smooth canvas for makeup, be sure to exfoliate your skin.

    2. Add a Hydrating Serum to Your Routine

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    If you have dry skin, it’s important to hydrate as much as possible by applying a hydrating serum before starting your makeup.

    3. Apply a Hydrating Moisturizer

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    Moisturizing should always be part of your everyday skincare routine, but it’s especially important when you’ll be applying makeup on dry skin. It helps to create a smooth, hydrated base for the makeup to be applied on top of. Over time, your skin will look bouncier and brighter, whether you’re wearing makeup or not.

    4. Find a Face Primer for Dry Skin

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    If you have dry skin, wearing a hydrating primer under your foundation is a must. Primers don’t just help makeup stay in place, they also help create a smooth canvas for your makeup application and add an extra layer of moisture.

    5. Choose Your Foundation Formula Wisely


    When it comes to using foundation when you have dry skin, opt for hydrating, luminous liquid formulas. Overly matte foundations can contribute to dryness and emphasize dry texture.

    6. Use a Makeup Sponge

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    Brushes are great for targeted application and applying products such as blush and eyeshadow, but using a damp makeup sponge to apply foundation is best when you have dry skin. A damp sponge adds a bit of extra hydration to your skin and prevents the makeup from settling into lines or clinging onto dry patches.

    7. Set Your Makeup the Right Way

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    Powders can look cakey on dry skin when used all over the face. Make sure to use a lightweight powder to set just the areas where you might experience creasing or a bit of shine throughout the day.

    8. Use Cream Blush

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    Opt for cream or liquid blush and bronzer formulas to avoid making your skin look drier.

    9. Fake a Glow With Highlighter

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    Sadly, dry skin can sometimes look dull — but thankfully, you can use an illuminator to help restore the look of your glow. Dot it on your forehead, cupid’s bow and above your cheekbones to get authentic-looking luminosity.

    10. Choose a Hydrating Lipstick


    It’s not just your face that can look and feel dry — your lips (which also have skin) may be the same way. Avoid drying lipsticks as they will only emphasize texture and contribute to dryness and discomfort. Instead, grab a hydrating lipstick. It’s infused with pomegranate extract to cushion the lips and it provides a beautiful wash of color with a natural, radiant finish.

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