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    15 African Drinks You Should Include In Your Wedding Menu

    Drinks are an integral part of your wedding reception and it is a very important part of your wedding menu ensuring that different drinks are presently serving the taste buds of your different guests. Just like food a lot of attention should be paid to your drink list as it adds to the overall experience of your wedding dining.

    10 African Drink Ideas For Date Night 22 KOKOBRIDES

    Champagne, wines are a staple at weddings and we would love to see more African drinks included in the menu. African drinks can be uniquely made and served at a wedding to the delight of guests. The drink will be paired carefully with the meal and we want you to elevate the dining experience. Today we share with you 20 African drinks that should be on your wedding menu
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    10 African Drink Ideas For Date Night 2 KOKOBRIDES Zobo
    This is a drink popular in Sub-Saharan Africa and is derived from properly dried Roselle plant flowers. This drink goes with just any type of meal and you can get creative with the mix if you have a great bartender or drink company.

    15 African Drinks You Should Include In Your Wedding Menu kokobridesSoya Milk
    This is a healthy drink plant-based drink produced by soaking and grinding soybeans, boiling the mixture, and filtering out remaining particulates. It is a stable emulsion of oil, water, and protein. It also has numerous health benefits.

    african drinks at a wedding KOKOBRIDES

    This is a traditional African drink popular in the Northern part of the country and it is served cold with a lot of nourishing benefits. It is a locally made drink prepared from a combination of fermented milk and ground millet grains. Have it served in the traditional way to wow guests even more and give them a dining experience.

    kunu african drink at a wedding kokobrideKunu
    This is another traditional drink popular in the Northern part of Nigeria and it is rich in several health benefits. It is made of germinated grain known as millet and can be made to fit different meals. Have it served in the traditional way to wow guests even more and give them a dining experience.

    drinks at an AFRICAN WEDDING kokobridesChapman
    This is a cocktail drink from Nigeria that is traditionally made with a combination of sodas, most commonly Fanta and Sprite, Angostura, grenadine (or optionally fruit syrups). The ingredients are mixed and served with ice, typically in a large glass or a mug.

    15 African Drinks You Should Include In Your Wedding Menu 234 koko rdesBoza
    It is also known as bosa or bozo, is a fermented drink popular in North Africa, Central and Western Asia, the Caucasus, and Southeast Europe. It’s a malt beverage created from fermenting a variety of grains, including maize (corn) and wheat in Turkey, wheat or millet in Bulgaria and Romania, and barley in Ancient Egypt.

    15 African Drinks You Should Include In Your Wedding Menu 2223 kokobrides Rock Shandy
    It’s a refreshing drink made by mixing lemonade, soda water, and Angostura bitters. Just as with the Nigerian Chapman, this drink can be changed with the amount of Angostura is used when preparing it. A lot of it will make it an alcoholic drink but without it, it’s a drink for all ages. This drink is sold commonly in many restaurants and can be made into a creative mix for guests.

    10 African Drink Ideas For Date Night 09 kokobridesPalmwine
    Palmwine is a traditional drink that is very common in Africa and has an intoxicating effect. It is gotten from the sap of various species of palm tree such as the Palmyra, date palms, and coconut palms. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world and many people trust the drink when they need to have a good time.

    15 African Drinks You Should Include In Your Wedding Menu 24 kokobridesGinger Beer
    Ginger beer is a sweetened and carbonated, usually non-alcoholic beverage. Historically it was produced by the natural fermentation of prepared ginger spice, yeast, and sugar. This drink dates back a very long time and is easy to make and also recognized as a staple in African homes. 

    10 African Drink Ideas For Date Night 34 kokobridesEmudro (Ginger Drink)
    This is a homemade non-alcoholic drink that is popular with the Ghanaian people. Ghanaians swear that Emudro has medicinal properties; the word Emudro roughly translates to internal medicine in English. It takes a total of 30 mins to create this masterpiece.

    15 African Drinks You Should Include In Your Wedding Menu 3kokobridesSouth African Fynbos Cocktail
    This brandy-based cocktail ticks all the boxes: it looks and tastes delicious; it’s easy to mix and made with easy-to-find ingredients. It is a popular cocktail on the South-African side and ideal for sexy, nights. Add this to the after-party drink list and watch guest bring out their wild side for the night.

    drinks at an African wedding 3 kokobeidesKenyan Dawa Cocktail
    It is a refreshing cocktail found in Nairobi and if you ever find yourself in Kenya, you don’t want to miss the quintessential cocktail of Kenya; the Dawa. It is said that the Dawa is so potent that it will cure whatever is ailing you. So it is a great choice for you for several reasons.
    dawa cocktail 4 kokobrides
    Mbege, or Banana Beer
    Tanzanian indigenous alcoholic beverage in the areas populated by the Chagga Tribe, which originates from the foothills of the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro. Banana beer is made from the red variety of fruit and it is meant to be drank at social events.

    banana beer 3 kokobridesSugarcane Juice
    This drink is popular amongst the people of Egypt and it is a fave amongst a lot of Africans. It is a sweet, syrupy liquid that’s pressed from peeled sugar cane. It’s often sold by street vendors who mix it with lime or other juices and serve it over ice for a tasty drink.

    sugarcane juice 32 kokobridesDates and Milk
    From the name you can tell that you are in for a treat with this amazing drink as the dates are soaked in the milk which is usually chilled giving you the ultimate experience and satisfying all your cravings.
    dates and milk 43 kokobrides
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