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    40 Coral Beads Design For Edo Brides In 2022

    Coral beads dates back to cultures long ago. Beads have always played a prominent role in the life of Nigerians. It is associated with royalty and a symbol of wealth, especially among the traditional and the religious members of the society. The Portuguese in the 16th Century brought coral beads into Benin through trade.

    In Nigerian traditional marriage, you are not a fully dressed Edo bride without Coral beads. As Aso-oke is to Yoruba brides so are coral beads to Edo brides.

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    Edo is a state in Southern region of Nigeria. Coral beads are sewn into the hair to form a crown know as Okuku.

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    For traditional weddings in Edo state, it’s mostly an all round bead affair for brides because the accessories from their head to neck, hands and purse are made out of coral beads. Best believe, these beads don’t come cheap!

    Their necks are adorned with coral beads known as Ivie-uru and their hands with Ivie-obo. Brides wear beaded earrings “Emi-ehorivie” and handbags made of coral beads.

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