5 Amazing Secrets To Having A Great Wedding

wedding planning 1
If you want your wedding ceremony to still be that much talked event for months to come, then there are certain things you need to put in place to achieve this.

There are ways to make your wedding have a lasting impression in the minds of your guests and here are 5 simple ways to achieve this. 
1. Keep the ceremony short: You can only keep the attention of people for a while. Along the line they might get bored and want to opt out. The wisest thing to do is to maintain a short ceremony that will help maintain their attention on what is going on.
2. Create social media awareness: Most weddings these days have hashtags on social media pages. This will help to create a familiar environment online and offline. Engage your guests with your social media hashtags. 
3. Make your guests comfortable: It is a wise decision to put things in place, to the enjoyment  of your guests. Your guests need to feel comfortable after all it’s a party. 
4. Have charging outlets: it’s a known fact that people are drawn to where they can boost their battery life, since everything we have now lives on social media. It will be a very nice idea if your guests can comfortably walk into your reception area, and get their mobile phones charged for the tons of pictures to be taken and the videos to be recorded. You wouldn’t mind if your wedding last forever right? 
5. Play games: Anything to keep the attention of your guests would be totally worth it. You can include couple games in your programme and also have games created for the benefit of your guests at the party.
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