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    6 Ways To Know He’s No Longer Into You

    In every relationship, there will always be butterfly moments and then times when you can start second-guessing if the relationship is worth it.

    Sometimes it might just be a misunderstanding from miscommunication or lack of it  but when it’s going on too long, you’re left puzzled as to what is really going on because your partner isn’t communicating their feelings.

    Here are signs that may suggest he is falling out of love with you:

    1. Lack of communication and effort: If he consistently fails to initiate or maintain regular communication, doesn’t make an effort to spend time with you, or seems disinterested in getting to know about the happenings in your life. it indicates a lack of interest in the relationship

    2. Dishonesty And Mixed Signals: If his actions and words are inconsistent or contradictory, it is a sign that he has bagged a degree in lying. And, if he is one that shows his lovey-dovey side today, and then becomes buddies with the devil tomorrow, he is showing his pretentious side and this will do more harm than good.

    3. Emotional Detachment: When the things that concern him in respect to you are now  things that he treats with a lackadaisical attitude,  he pays little or no attention to the relationship, avoids deep or meaningful conversations, or doesn’t share personal aspects of  life with you, this shows that he has withdrawn most or all his deposited emotions from the emotional bank of the relationship,

    4. Doesn’t speak in future tenses: When someone is genuinely interested in a romantic relationship, they often express themselves using future tenses, because of the plans made to suit both of you. So if he consistently avoids discussing those plans for the future, or he starts individualizing plans, this just shows that he has checked out of the plans for a future.

    5. Disinterest in your life: If he no longer shows little curiosity or concern about your life, interests, or aspirations, it may indicate a lack of genuine interest. A person in love with you will want to know more about you and actively engage in conversations about your experiences and goals even if they already know, they wont mind you saying it a billion times.

    6. Excuses : When in a relationship, there are no such things as excuses especially if there’s mutual understanding, the moment your partner keeps coming up with excuses it’s  a sign that he no longer cares because excuses are replacements for understanding. When there’s mutual understanding even unspoken words are heard loud and clear.

    It’s important to remember that these signs are not proof, as individuals may have different communication styles and preferences. The best approach is to have an open and honest conversation with the person to express your feelings and gauge their level of interest directly. Trending video of the day;
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