5 Things To Know Before Getting Pregnant

Most parents would want the best for their children even if it means sacrificing their lives. We hear all the time how parents say they don’t want their children to go through the same struggles they went through, because the dream is to give your kids a healthy foundation and a better life than yours.

Of course, things don’t always turn out perfect but at least, we know that the good parents did their best. And the best way to have kids who grow up to be stable adults is to lay the plan even before they are conceived.

You really need to consider different factors before you get pregnant so you know whether you’re truly ready to bring a child into this world or not.

There is a long list of factors to think about, but here are a few to help you get started.

You must be financially ready: Getting caught up in baby-making season is a real thing. You never know when it might strike and when you’re in that state, you might not be thinking realistically about your financial situation and whether you can support a child for the next 18 years or possibly more.

The financial struggle has been one of the biggest challenges for parents and part of that is caused by poor financial planning. Do your research properly to get a realistic perspective of how much it costs to raise a child first, so that you don’t cause unnecessary struggle in your child’s life and yours.

That said, can you really afford to raise one or more children to the standards you desire?

Your weight matters: Many people like to argue about beauty standards when it comes to weight but it goes far deeper than just looks if you want to have kids.

The fact is that being underweight can cause complications for you and your baby, and the case is the same if you’re obese.

A healthy weight can vary depending on your body and that is why you should confirm what a healthy weight is for you beforehand.

You need to go for a general check-up: Many of us look healthy on the outside, but have conditions we aren’t fully aware of on the inside. Very few people manage to go for checkups often then when you get pregnant and go for one, you realize that there is an issue going on.

Make sure you visit your gyna and your general practitioner before getting pregnant. This is to make sure you’re ready, and for peace of mind as well.

Your mental health should be stable: Some people have made the mistake of assuming that their mental health problems will disappear once a baby comes. A baby can make you happier, but they are not a solution for an already existing problem.

Poor mental health won’t allow you to raise your child the right way. This can also affect your child’s life, which is totally unfair.

Therefore, go for counselling if you have any concerns you’ve never dealt with first before making this life changing decision.

Your relationship should be stable enough: It’s also common for couples to get kids when they’re not in a healthy place. And that dysfunctional foundation is probably the root reason why so many adults struggle with all sorts of mental health problems.

The structure that has been healthy for generations is having kids when you’re married. And even when you are married, make sure you’ve addressed any issues to avoid stress during and after your pregnancy.

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