6 Important Things You Need To Know About Choosing Your Bridesmaids

The history of how the bridesmaid tradition came about is a little weird and complicated. If you really want to know how that came about, allow me to share a few.

In certain cultures, the bridesmaids were there to keep any evil spirits away. The key requirement was for them to wear matching outfits because it was believed that this would confuse any unwanted ‘supernatural’ guests.

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These days, the culture of having bridesmaids is still a popular trend probably because everyone does it, who knows?

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They’re not required to fight any evil forces but they’re still incorporated into a wedding for different reasons.

Here’s what you need to know about having bridesmaids on your wedding day.

They’re your emotional support : One of the main reasons brides choose to have bridesmaids is the fact that they’re there for you throughout the whole process. It’s definitely not easy to plan a wedding while keeping your emotions intact at the same time.

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Since they’re close friends or relatives who you already love, you’ll be more comfortable and motivated to get back up when you’re down.

They’re not just there to enjoy the ride: When you’re on the outside looking in, you might assume that bridesmaids are only there to try on pretty dresses and stand beside you during wedding photo sessions.

Well it may be somewhat true however, they are especially there for emotional support but they actually have some real responsibilities delegated to them.

As the bride, you should let them know some of the duties you expect each of them to handle and the final expectations when the wedding day finally arrives. Some of those duties might even extend once the wedding is over.

Basically, they’re there to help you handle some of the plans on your list.

You decide who will be in your bridal party: No one should control who you choose to invite as a bridesmaid or maid of honor at your on wedding. I’m sure there are some cultures that have some different traditions but in most modern weddings, the choice is all yours to make as the bride.

You can be open to a few suggestions but the final decision is yours.

When deciding, think of your relationship and how they can make your big day much brighter by helping you navigate through your wedding planning and the d day.

There’s no specific number of bridesmaids: Did you know that there is no rule when it comes to how many bridesmaids you choose to invite? Contrary to what many have believed for a long time, you actually don’t have to have an even number or any specific restrictions as far as this is concerned.

I once read of a wedding that had over one hundred bridesmaids and it left me flabbergasted.

So, don’t feel like your number is too small or too large.

As long as the budget allows, feel free to have your large group of friends by your side on your wedding day.

Things might get crazy: Bridesmaid drama isn’t new in the wedding scene. There have been instances where bridesmaids don’t get along and actually end up fighting or walking away altogether.

In case you know some of them have had a history of not getting along, clearly communicate what you won’t tolerate and allow them to hash out their differences before any serious plans begin.

Another issue might come in when someone expected to be the maid of honor or to be invited as a bridesmaid and have things out differently. You can politely let them know that it was nothing personal so that any hidden resentment will be cleared.

You don’t necessarily have to have bridesmaids:
There are many perks of having a bridesmaid team for your wedding and on the flipside, you can also choose to celebrate without them.

Reasons vary as to why couples choose to skip on the groomsmen and bridesmaids lineup including financial reasons or just preference.

Just invite them as guests and celebrate together. All that matters is that you and your partner enjoy your wedding day.

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