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    7 Major Reasons Why Your Hair Is Breaking

    One major problem ladies are facing regarding maintaining their hair is hair breakage.

    Ladies experience hair breakages irrespective of their hair type and the styles they go in, and this is becoming a general problem for many ladies.

    It makes hair frizzy at the edge of the hair or the crown of the head, though many hair breakage issues are temporal and there are many solutions there to restore the strength of the hair by using home remedies and products.

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    Many people solve this problem without having any idea of how it came by or the cause of it. We reveal some five common things we do that cause hair breakages and we begin with the first one which is;


    One way of maintaining the hair and always putting it in a good shape is brushing. We brush the hair to detangle the hair and make it straight. But over-brushing the hair too can cause more bad than good as it can cause you to lose a lot of hair.

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    The idea that people should brush their hair with 100 brushstrokes is a myth, it’s only advised to brush your hair as much as you need your style.

    Hair Products

    Hair Maintainance can not be done without hair products and these products are the cause of about 50% of hair loss in ladies. Products used for relaxing, coloring, and perming the hair contains chemicals that weaken the hair and cause breakages to it.

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    Many shampoos and other hair creams come in alkaline and base and can make the hair stiffy and cause breakages.

    Heat Or Lack Of Moisture

    Too much heat on the hair can also cause the hair to break as the hair needs moisture to look healthy and relaxed. Hair treatment tools like blow-dryers, straighteners, and curling tongs can over time damage the hair and make them break.

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    The weather and humidity can also have an effect on the hair so far as the heat from the sun is involved.

    Tight Hair

    If the hair is mostly bonded with elastics or if someone frequently engages herself in bond hairstyles, it can cause the hair to stretch and uproot from its main root. Hairstyles like cornrows, buns, or braids can be considered tight hairs as it all gives the same effect if used regularly.

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    Hair loss caused by tight hairs is temporal and can be recovered but it can become indefinite if it frequently happens.

    Food Or Nutrition

    Nutrition is a very great fact in every part of the body including the hair. A deficiency of some nutrition in the body can cause the hair to dry, look dull, and brazil. Biotin is a very essential nutrient for hair growth and can be found in Eggs and Fish.

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