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    7 Ways To Write Loving Heartfelt Vows For Your Wedding Ceremony

    If you’ve never cried when wedding vows are being exchanged, you’re one strong lady! The vow exchange is the best part about a wedding because it allows the couple to express how they truly feel about each other in the most authentic way.

    But, how are vows actually written? Is there a formula behind the whole thing? What should you say and what should you avoid?

    These are some of the questions you suddenly start asking yourself when it’s finally time to write your own vows before the big day.

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    You shouldn’t panic though.

    I’m here to guide you on how you can write wonderful vows for your partner.

    Let it be natural: Don’t worry about being perfect when it comes to your vows. In fact the more you struggle to perfect them, the more unnatural they seem.

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    The best thing to do is use simple words instead of trying too hard to dump all the finest vocabulary in each sentence. Just let it flow naturally.

    Write when you are relaxed: Vows are typically written a few weeks before the wedding. The expectation is that you’ll be relaxed and everything will be set but this is the period where feelings of stress and anxiety might come up. When the wedding plans are being finalised it’s not easy to feel calm during these times.

    If you let the nerves overpower you, you’ll have a tough time thinking of what to write and trigger more stress.

    Try and find ways to calm yourself down to help the thoughts flow.

    Don’t take them too seriously: It’s okay to use some humor in your vows. You can even say your vows like a story with references to your favorite songs or movies that you both love.

    Moving vows reflect your true personality. Feel free to add your own modern, creative twist.

    Reflect on the best parts of your relationship: When writing it all down, it’s possible to reach a point where you’re out of ideas. It’s okay to accept that you need a bit of a boost to give the vows a more genuine feel.

    This is where you should take a moment to remember all the good times you’ve had so far. Think about the first time you met, the times you had fun together and how far you’ve come as a couple. These thoughts will spark the inner joy and inspire you to write with a clear mind.

    Focus on your partner: Don’t get carried away with different topics in your vows. The main focus should be your significant other and your most heartfelt expression of your love for them.

    By the time you’re done reading your vows to them, your partner should feel the effort you’ve put into remembering some important details about them.

    It’s important for them to know how you truly feel.

    Tell them you love them: Vows are not complete without telling them, ’I love you.’ You’ve probably told each other that a million times before but, in this case, those three precious words take a whole new meaning.

    They signify a new, unique bond and the fact that you’re saying those words in front of a whole crowd makes them more honest.

    Take the promises seriously : You might not be a fan of the traditional vows but there are a few things you can borrow. You can have a bit of banter and creativity in your vows but you should probably combine the fun side with some serious moments.

    Your partner needs to know that they’re being taken seriously especially when it comes to promises on being there through the tough times.

    These types of vows will reflect on your readiness to commit for life.

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